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Seating walls around a fire pit and a decorative patio installed by Conceptual Outdoor Design in Virginia Beach, VA.

Retaining Walls & Seating Walls

Custom hardscaping paver/stone retaining and seating walls Virginia Beach, VA.

Custom Retaining & Seating Walls - Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, VA Areas

The geological make-up of the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Currituck County area makes erosion a serious and pressing concern for homeowners. One approach you can take that augments the beauty of a property while inoculating against the threat of erosion, is to construct a retaining wall. Here at Conceptual Outdoor Design, we are experts who will handle designing a retaining and seating wall that improves drainage, reduces flooding, and increases usable space in hilly properties at a price that will not erode your savings.

Retaining wall around a patio at a home in Virginia Beach, VA.

Why Build a Retaining or Seating Wall?

A retention wall, in addition to being a beautiful focal point and the hallmark of a carefully-maintained property, helps with a host of issues that confront the modern homeowner in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Currituck County. These include:

  • Flood Prevention: Retention walls can be used to channel and redirect water, reducing the risk and consequences of flooding.
  • More Efficient Usage of Space: By partially leveling hilly terrain, our highly-skilled workers can increase the amount of usable space on your property. A retention wall is a perfect way to both prevent damage to your yard while maximizing the efficiency of space usage on your lot.
  • Erosion Management & Prevention: Properties with downwards slopes are susceptible to the effects of erosion, and, over time, these can cause lasting and costly damages. A well-built retention wall keeps soil in its place and provides an affordable, long-term solution for erosion control.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: A retaining wall is not just a pile of bricks; rather, it's an artfully-arranged structure that amplifies the visual appeal of a property. With decades of combined experience in retention wall design and installation, our experts can help you create a wall that not only protects your property but broadcasts your aesthetic preferences. Moreover, a wall can be used to either seat more guests during gatherings or as a plant bed that harnesses the beauty of nature while taming its more forceful elements, such as erosion.

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